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Available at the October Swap Meet


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I'm really looking forward to seeing you all again. I was talking to Richard Mendez and it's been two full years since I was at a club event! Where that time go? Oh wait..... right....SMH

I will have available in my little parking space:

2 Aqua Clear 70s $15

Aqua Clear 110. $20

Aqua Tech filter w/cartridges(if you want them) $10?

24" Current LED w/remote $20

55gal plastic lid and metal stand. $10 (you can fit a 33g on the bottom shelf, not another 55)

5g Bucket of PFS $5 (or trade me for a new 5g bucket FREE)

Rainbow Rocks $5 (enough to fill a 5g bucket)

Lava Rock $5 (enough to fill a 5g bucket) ~~~~~~~~I may just bring these in boxes and free up my buckets

4" Salvini Cichlid. $5

4-5" Firemouth Cichlid from TUIC $15

29gal Tank, wood stand, Lid w/out hinges, sand. $30 ~~~~~ See picture below


25gal Marineland Tank, Metal stand, Light, Filter (built in hood, w/extra filter cartridges) The footprint is the same as a 20H, but you cannot fit another 20H underneath. I rigged two 10gals lengthwise which made a sweet breeder/growout setup $30~~~~~ See picture below


I think that I will have some more stuff if I can inventory it all before Saturday.