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Assorted Africans, some free, others cheap!

I am over stocked at the moment and am looking to sell some of the more aggressive dudes.

Two Male metriaclima sp. msobo magunga, one is getting the short end of the stick. I won these at meeting a few years ago as juvies. $25 ea or $40 both obo.

others are freebee's to go along with above purchase or $5 a piece if separtate. Assorted mbuna from local fish store. Two electric blue, one orange, and one black and yellow. $15 for all if not getting the above.

all prices obo.... not really sure there true worth but had to ask something.

Very fun fish if you want and active tank... but need something to calm aggression like keeping in harem or hiding places. My community tank is not doing them justice.

Thanks PM me pictures coming as soon as i upload them =]