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Aquarium lights for sale


Staff member
I haven't used lights in my tank for a while, so decided to get rid of most of them until I decide what my long term plan is. I'm trying to raise cash for an acrylic tank purchase, so I can't hold anything until our next meeting, but if I still have what you want by then, I can bring them. Pickup in Randallstown, or might be able to meet somewhere depending on what you're looking for. I haven't taken pictures yet, but let me know if you want me to send pictures of something specific. Inventory as follows:

24" Deep Blue Solar Flare DX HO LED; 72 watts (24 - 3w LEDs) 18 10k bulbs, 6 actinic bulbs, 3-mode switch, mounting legs $60

36" Current Nova Extreme 6-bulb T5; 234 watts, 3 10k bulbs, 3 actinic bulbs, separate switches for each group, mounting legs $100

48" Coralife Aqualight Compact Flourescent; 260 watts, 4 6500k daylight bulbs, 2 switches, mounting legs $60

48" T5 HO 6-bulb; 324 watts, 54w bulbs, 6400k and 3000k bulbs, 3 switches, extra bulbs, hanging cables $80

48" T5 HO 4-bulb; 216 watts, 54w bulbs, 10k and actinic, 2 switches $50

30" Compact Flourescent; 65 watt single bulb, 10k $30

24" Current Compact Flourescent; 65 watt single bulb, 50/50 (10k/actinic) $25

72" T8 Fluorescent light; 4-bulb (36" pairs) Eclipse Natural Daylight bulbs $40

T8 standard lights of several sizes; 36" oak w/24" actinic bulb, 3x24" oak, 2x24" black, 3x20" black $5 each

48" Shop lights 2-bulb; Dual 32w T8 Fluorescent bulbs(daylight) 3 black, 1 white, hanging links for each $15 each

All lights should work, but I can test any upon request, and demonstrate working condition before purchase if picking up.

Any of these lights are suited for general fish tanks, some would be great for planted and/or reef tanks, some would just provide better light for deeper tanks, or provide more customization. Shop lights would be good for a fishroom, or covering multiple small tanks. Negotiable if you buy multiple lights.