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Aquafest sale list – last chance – can deliver Saturday


End of an era:

Paraiba blue angels 4 adults (first spawn -10/13/2013) $80
Inca stone fish 1 adult male - free to someone who has other(s)
Corydoras super arcuatus 11 adults of second largest Corydoras $300
Corydoras robustus 7 adults, largest member of genus Corydoras $200
Yellow Ancistrus 3+ large M/F - great, peaceful and dedicated algae eaters

(1) 20L with tops with or without lights/filters/etc.
(1) 20L Metaframe steel and glass with plastic hood/light
(1) 1 40B critter tank/terrarium (thin glass)

- have filters, lights, etc. for tanks.


(1) 72 x 18 black angle iron double stand, will hold a 100/125/150 on top and same on the bottom (or two 40Bs or 6 10s), or 4 40Bs, or other various combination of small tanks;
1 low-profile iron double 15 stand


Half-dozen 24" to 48" Coralife CFs, same number of 24 T8/T10 single/double fluorescent strip lights, assorted HOB filters, supplies etc. Substrates including fine white gravel, clean white play sand (very fine), and small river agate/sand/gravel mix. Also a 100 GPD RO/DI system with two sets of replacement membranes, resin and filter cartridges plus a very groovy clean plastic rain/collection barrel with tap/spigot for filling 5 gallon buckets.


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Check out Sam's Cory robustus here...think you're going to find a nicer, healthier or happier large group of these uber-rare cories for less?




So where did the rest of the equipment go? Is someone here on CCA holding/selling them for him? I'd wanna get some 200-300 watt heaters.. If there's any left..

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