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Anybody have medusa ancistrus (l034/l225) or blue panaques (l239) for sale?


Staff member
I think you'll have a tough time finding local sellers, but I'm sure there are several reputable vendors that could ship.

lock jaw

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Wow never knew L239 was a thing.. looks amazing!! Also like L034.. I googled L225 and got results for tractors. haha. Good luck finding them.


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I got my L239 years ago from Batfish Aquatics, back when they did more livestock. My guess is that HOT might get them in from time to time, but I don't see them in stores very often.


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Batfish Aquatics has some nice plecos, If they're vending at this year's BFD I better get there early to see what they have. Maybe they'll have what I'm looking for
or maybe someone will enter some into the rare fish auction there