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Adult and juvenile peacocks, haps, and Tanganyikans


I'd love to clean up some space - will either sell these to local Richmond area people or can bring up to the BFD Friday night.

Adult Black Calvus proven pair (3+ years old)

XL A. koningsi "Blue Regal" ~6" (Pic is an older one when it was smaller)
I could pick out a couple of females if you'd like breeding trio.

(2) adult A. stuartgranti "Chipoka" that I've line bred for a ton of orange (pic is of sibling that I'm using to continue the line)


A few smaller (1.5 - 2") males/females from the above male. Males are showing color already.

Adult trio of Lethrinops sp. "Red Cap" Chirwa (male is 5" and females 4" - do a lot of sand sifting and breed pretty regularly)

(3) adult A. hansbaenschi in the 4"+ range (crummy cell phone pic)


Adult trio of Otopharynx lithobates (male 5", females 4" - spawn regularly)
Also have another male and subdominant male. Excuse the dirty glass, crappy pic.


Large male (6") and 3 females (4") of this hap that I can't identify. I'm guessing it's a Copadichromis sp. Excuse the dirty glass crappy pic.


Protomelas sp. "Hertae"
(1) 5" male (about when they start to color up)
(1) 4" male
A couple of females in the 3" range that I can sex


(They eventually color up to this)

A. jacobfreibergi "Tsano Rock" 1"-2" unsexed juvies
I also have an adult breeding quad I might part with. They are in a crummy tank for photographing right now, but the adult male looks like this (only a little bigger).

Several full color male P. steveni "Taiwan Reef" between 2.5-4".


Shoot me a PM if anything interests you and I can figure out a price. Looking forward to the convention again!


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Beautiful fish! I'd be interested if I was bringing a tank to set up, but I'm staying both nights this year and was planning to keep things simple.


I'm west of Richmond and can meet in between. I'll also be heading up to Maryland on the 15th for the convention.


O. lithobates group (still have 2 adult males), one of the Chipokas, and the lethrinops group pending.


Someone agreed to buy the trio (1M/2F) that I have. I still have another full size male and a subdominant male left.

If for some reason the guy backs out on Friday then I will still have them.


I realized I probably have more females of the Taiwan Reef than I really need, so I can put together a trio of those if someone is looking to breed them.


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I'm west of Richmond and can meet in between. I'll also be heading up to Maryland on the 15th for the convention.
Thanks...I'm in the middle of moving so it will be a few weeks. I'm interested in your line bred male peacocks.