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A "couple" of tanks


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I have available:
40-Breeder Rack
Really well made rack for 2 x 40 - Breeders, including two 40-breeders. You can pick of the ones I have left. Full disclosure, some of the 40 breeders are different heights, at least one is a 30-breeder, but ... I dunno what the others are, maybe like 38 breeders? :) Tanks are in fishroom condition. You must take the whole thing. Rack is very well made, please use it. Asking, $75. $60 if you get it Friday after 3 PM.

Pic at: https://www.capitalcichlids.org/forums/threads/40-br-and-racks.33075/

20-Long System
17 x 20-longs. Each one is drilled in the back lower right for a 1" bulkhead. They mostly all have bulkheads and screens. One of them is drilled in the upper right corner for a 1/2" bulkhead, don't ask me why. They're all painted blue on backs, sides, and bottoms. Most have some plumbing attached to the bulkhead, some of which is glued, so either plan on using it with new couplings or replacing all the bulkheads. All held water as of 8:30 tonight. Some are still draining, even! :) They were used for saltwater.
Three of the 20-longs have a really nice, well made, painted rack -- I think Chris Keys made it, and its similar to hers. 9 of them have a really ... uhm... they have a rack I made. I also have the lumber for a rack that holds 9 more, but I took that apart already. You're welcome to take the racks or I can sawzall them into scrapwood. Tanks are in fishroom condition, and could probably use fresh paint.
Not going to part the tanks, but no obligation to take the racks. I paid $500 for the tanks 2-years ago. I'm not looking to recoup that; make me an offer. Willing to entertain worthwhile trades, too.

Tanks are available in Silver Spring, 20904 (about 2 miles from CCA meeting place). DO NOT PM ME . Please e-mail BatfishAquatics on the gmail.


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Hey gang, these are in the way right now, and I really want them gone this weekend. If you're interested, please make me an offer!
I've had a couple of people who are trying to figure out when and how to get the 40 rack -- it cannot come apart. Whomever gets it first gets it!

Make me a good offer on the 20-long rack. Willing to entertain any good trades. Heck, come spend some hours cleaning out the fishroom, take a couple of trips to the dump for me, mow my lawn, whatever. :p