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75g for sale (full set-up) - $300

young nick

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Selling my 75-gallon community tank. Right now, only inhabitants are 1 female kribensis, a colony of black bar Endler's, 4 nerites, and 1 million MTS

It also has a variety of plants (floaters, jungle val, crypt, dwarf sag, rotala, hornwort, anacharis, subwassertang, java moss, amazon swords)

As for equipment:

matching stand and canopy
fluval aquasky (36-48"), a 20" Finnex Fugeray, and a Beamswork 48" that flickers a bit (not factored into price at all)
2217 Eheim filter, has had impeller replaced. Have a second one I can throw in for an additional $75
Two heaters and one old-a** heater I have as a back-up

The tank also comes with driftwood, lavarock, some seiryu stone. See pics below


Happy to provide more pictures as needed, but not super familiar with this website's interface. Can reach me at 2o2 631 1791