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40 BR and racks


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Up to four racks that hold two or three, depending on ceiling height, 40brs.

Also, nine 40brs, a 30br (same footprint), and a reptile 40br (thinner glass, not intended to be filled more than halfway.)

Rack with two tanks: 75$
Rack with three tanks: 100$
Tanks: 35$ each without rack.
Whole kitten kaboodle, 300$

Tanks have some lids, some sponge filters, some gravel, take as you want. Fcfs.

Tanks are in good condition, hold water, but fishroom quality. Racks are good condition, level, etc.

Precedence given to anyone who wants it all.

Want it gone asap.



The ONE who is The ONE
Staff member
Hey Josh I didn't know you still had the racks. If they don't sell ket me know.


CCA Members
Just the one 40-breeder rack left. I don't get on here regularly to check, and definitely don't have time to call people for them -- if you're interested, drop me an e-mail please! :)

Batfish Aquatics on gmail.