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heading to gwapa tomorrow- ijamsville MD
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heading to gwapa tomorrow- ijamsville MD

If anyone is going and needs antyhing, let me know!

I will be taking Repashy and the rest of the manzanita

Here is my current stocklist:
Neocaridina “Yellow” $3
Neocaridina palmata “Blueberry” (not really very blue): $3
Caridina cf. breviata “Bumble bee” $3
Tibee $3
Super tiger (orange head/tail) $4
Red rili $3.50- young, few left
Caridina cf. babaulti var green $3
Caridina cf. babaulti var black $3
Caridina fernandoi $5- 12 available
Caridina thambpillai (formerly known as propinqua)- brown version, $4- few left
Atyoida pilipes “Green lace” (fan filter shrimp) $6.50
Caridian serratirostris “Ninja bee” $6
Pomacea diffusa “Mystery snails”- Ivory, purple (dark foot), magenta (light foot) $2
Zebra nerite $2
Horned Nerites $2.50
Clithon without horns $2
Assassin snails $2
Hymenochirus boetteri- “African Dwarf Frogs”- $2
Cambarellus patzcuarensis sp. Orange- adults- $11
juveniles $7
Boraras naevus (strawberry rasbora) $2.50, few left
Boraras uropthalmoides (sparrow rasbora) $2.50
Danio choprae (glowlight danio) $3.50; 10/30
Yunnanilus cruciatus (dwarf zebra hovering) $4- 6 left
Neolebias sp. $4.50- 12 left
Cw010 $6
Garra flavatra (panda garra) $10
Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi “Black neon” $2
Clown killis- $3
Ameca splendens (butterfly goodeid) $5
Trichopsis pumila “Sparkling gourami” $2.50
Heterandria formosa “Least killi” $1.50
Tanichthys micaggema “Sparkle eye white cloud” $3.50
Sewellia lineolata “Zebra hillstream” $11
Hara jerdoni “mini moth catfish” $3.50
Yunnanilus sp. rosy “rosy loach”- $3.50
Oericthys crenuchoides “Drapefin barb” $3.50
Hyphessobrycon amandae “Ember tetra” $2
Danio margaritatus “Celestial Pearl danio” $3.50
Stiphodon “Cobalt blue” most likely atropurpureus (males) $6
Sicyopsus exallisquamulus “Red goby” $12
Pseudomugil gertrudae “Spotted blue-eye” $3
Dario hysgninon $4
Dario dario $4
T. espei $3
Oryzias woworae $4.50

LARGE anubias coffefolia mother plants $25
Medium Anubias coffefolia $15
java moss $3/golfball
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gwapa, heading, ijamsville, tomorrow

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