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I'm running for VP again!

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Posted 09-23-2010 at 11:48 AM by SubMariner

As of today, the Capital Cichlid Association is on a path to host its 1st American Cichlid Association Convention in our Nationís Capital. As your Vice President and Membership Chair, I am so very proud of our collective and how it has grown not only in size, but in diversity.

Therefore, being a CCA member is no longer a life style, itís an attitude. It is a part of a family of friends, colleagues, brotherhood and fellowship like no other. Every monthly meeting feels like a Mini Annual Fish Convention with people of all ages, members from other states and a handful of children, who happen to be our future in the CCA.

Nonetheless, I am so happy to be apart of seeing our club grow to where it is today and to look forward to the potential of where it can be in the future. That is why it takes leadership, charisma and influence to elevate and sustain this wonderful organization to the place where it needs to go and that is up. Without a doubt, we need to solidify the right people to govern and manage our wonderful club. I love this club so much that I have considered running for Vice President again!

For that reason, I have always stated that this is the ďBest Cichlid Club in the Whole Entire World!Ē Having said that, I really think our members are beginning to believe it.

Over the summer, I and handful of members traveled to the ACA Convention in Milwaukee to represent the club and boy did we ever. As your Vice President, I spent the whole week selling the club and passing out our business cards to every individual. I also had the great pleasure to introduce our great CCA does ACA video to the whole ACA collective at the banquet.

For those who have never heard of me, I have been a member of the CCA since 2007 and have done my very best to be influential with our new members and assist our President and Board members throughout the years.

Thanks to our Past President Francine and our President Pat, I was able to host our 1st Capital Cichlid Summer BBQ Picnic. It was such a hit that I hosted it again the following year. Through hard work and excellent organizational skills, the picnic was a success and is now a staple of our club.

As your Vice President & Membership Chair, I have been diligently reaching out to all our members. At every monthly gathering, my focus is to meet and greet each and every person in the world who attends our meeting. The idea is to make everyone feel comfortable and a part of our CCA family. I am for a lack of a better word, the Diplomat and Liaison of the club, but "Ambassador"sounds better.

As a hobbyist, I have kept Cichlids for over 20 years and enjoy collecting, breeding and selling them. I have over 35 tanks in my home and specialize in African Cichlids from the Great Lake Malawi. I also have a soft spot for my South American New World Cichlids too.

Here is a brief article on me from our very own Biotope so you have a better idea of who I am and why Iím asking for your vote to be re-elected as Vice President of the Capital Cichlid Association.

Click the image to open in full size.

Here is the actual link if you would like to read further.

My main initiative is to support cichlid conservation and the preservation of our club and hobby. I furthermore promise, to dedicate my time on an Outreach program that our very own Matt Quinn has devised and to take that plan and implement exciting innovative ideas that will reach out to new members. I will do my best to listen to the ideas from our club members and present them to the board of directors. I also believe in supporting our President in bringing in more sponsors for our Forum and Club. That is why it is vital for the club to invest in educating the public of our intent and through the support of our local fish stores and word of mouth of club members we can accomplish that.

Nevertheless, with your support I plan on being your Vice President again, especially with our convention right around the corner. I promise you that I will be there to organize and orchestrate every detail through leadership and support of our President. So do your best to come out to our October meeting and place your vote because now is the time to do your part.

Finally, I ask for your vote to be re-elected as your Vice President so that I can represent you and the "Best Cichlid Club in the Whole Entire World!!!"


Richard Mendez
Vice President &
Membership Chair


Do not try and bend the spoon. That's impossible. Instead...only try to realize the truth. There is no spoon...
SubMariner Prince of Atlantis - Master Jedi

Proud Member of the Best Cichlid Club in the Whole Entire World!
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